FBO Services


Welcome to Yorkton!  We offer the following services to Private and Commercial aircraft both fixed wing and rotary, give us a call before you leave 1-888-993-3598 or call us from the air on our Unicom (Good Spirit Ground) frequency 123.30:

  • Passenger lounge with Satellite TV;
  • Coffee and beverage service;
  • Flight planning facilities;
  • Heated Hangar facilities - Hangar Door Opening 70' wide 18' high;
  • De-ice Type I;
  • Aircraft Maintenance;
  • Fuel – Jet A
  • Oil – Eastman 2380


Above:  Passenger / Pilot Lounge

Above: 10,800 sq/ft heated hangar and 5000 Gallon Jet-A fuel truck

Above:  Main Office located in Main Terminal Building